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We can create a custom menu to satisfy all your catering needs. Any meal, any budget, any time. Stardust can make it happen.

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 Delivery     Pickup (Only available with a 6 hour advance notice.)
Delivery Address
 Continental Breakfast  $8.50 per person
     Platters of assorted muffins,croissants, bagels, and danish with butter and cream cheese, served with fresh coffee (urns), and choice of fresh fruit or juice
     Continental Breakfast Options
       Fresh Fruit
       Apple and Orange Juice
       Apple Juice
       Orange Juice
 Tutti Frutti Fresh Fruit Platters (Cold)
     Fresh cut seasonal fruit platters available as a sliced decorated platter or as a cubed fruit salad bowl
     Tutti Frutti Fresh Fruit Platters (Cold) Options
    Cubed fruit salad bowl   Sliced decorated platter 
       15 people  $45.00
       30 people  $75.00
       45 people  $90.00
 Stardust Crudite Platter (Cold)
     An assortment of fresh raw vegetables in season, beautifully arranged around a bowl of our renowned dijon vinaigrette dressing or bleu cheese dip
     Stardust Crudite Platter (Cold) Options
    Bleu cheese dip   Dijon vinaigrette dressing 
       15 people  $45.00
       30 people  $75.00
       45 people  $90.00
 Smash Hit Sandwich or Wrap Platters (Cold)  $13.50 per person
     Choose your favorite or mix and match our hot and grilled "SMASH HIT" sandwiches listed in this menu for that extra special function. Served with pickle spears, potato salad or cole slaw. Include drinks and cookies.
     Smash Hit Sandwich or Wrap Platters (Cold)  Options
    Cole slaw   Potato salad 
       Chicken Caesar Wrap
       Corned Beef
       Chicken Salad
 Cookie Platters  $2.50 per person
     Our homemade cookies including drop cookies, brownies, lintzer tarts, and a great assorment of candy makes a great and fun presentation
     Cookie Platters Options
 Request Server
 Do you need service professionals for your catered event? Arrangements can be made upon request.
Prices start at 19.95 per person for entrées and side options below.
One entrée is 19.95 per person. However, ALL entrée prices increase by $3.00 with the number of entrées chosen.
Each entrée includes one free side. One additional side starts at $7.95 per person. All sides increase by $2.00 with the number of sides chosen.
 Poultry Platters (Hot)  Starting at $19.95 per person
     Poultry Platters (Hot) Options
       Honey BBQ ChickenWings
       Chicken Marsala
       Chicken Parmagiana
       Crispy Fried Chicken
       Buffalo Chicken Wings
       Oven Roasted Chicken (on the bone)
 Beef Platters (Hot)  Starting at $19.95 per person
     Beef Platters (Hot) Options
       Beef Stew
       Pepper Steak
       Beef Stroganoff
       Classic Meatloaf
       Swedish Meatballs
 Seafood Platters (Hot)  Starting at $19.95 per person
     Seafood Platters (Hot) Options
       Broiled Salmon
       Broiled Talapia
 Pasta Platters (Hot)  Starting at $19.95 per person
     Pasta Platters (Hot) Options
       Spaghetti and Meatballs
       Pasta Primavera with Chicken
       Pasta Primavera without Chicken
       Baked Ziti with Meat
       Baked Ziti without Meat
       Eggplant Parmigiana
       Meat Lasagna
       Veggie Lasagna
       Macaroni and Cheese
 Caribbean Platters (Hot)  Starting at $19.95 per person
     Caribbean Platters (Hot) Options
       Beef Stew
       Spicy Chicken
 Sides (Cold)
     Sides (Cold) Options
       Garden Salad
    Choose :   Vinaigrette (Balsamic)   Creamy Italian 
       Macaroni Salad
       Potato Salad
       Pasta Salad
 Sides (Hot)
     Sides (Hot) Options
       Mashed Potatoes
       Roasted Potatoes
       Broccoli and Carrots
       Red Beans and Rice
       Fried Plaintains
       Rice Pilaf
       Yellow Rice
 Specialty Cakes
     Birthday celebrations, anniversaries, Bon Voyage, or and other special occasion, we will decorate a cake of your choice for you.
     Specialty Cakes Options
       Large cake, serves up to 22 people  $45.00
    Choose :   Yellow Cake   Strawberry   Red Velvet   Chocolate   Carrot 
       Large half sheet, serves up to 45 people  $125.00
    Choose :   Yellow Cake   Strawberry   Red Velvet   Chocolate   Carrot 
       Full sheet Cake, serves up to 100 people  $250.00
    Choose :   Yellow Cake   Strawberry   Red Velvet   Chocolate   Carrot 
 Another Specialty Cake
     Another Specialty Cake Options
       Large cake, serves up to 22 people  $45.00
    Choose :   Yellow Cake   Strawberry   Red Velvet   Chocolate   Carrot 
       Large half sheet, serves up to 45 people  $125.00
    Choose :   Yellow Cake   Strawberry   Red Velvet   Chocolate   Carrot 
       Full sheet Cake, serves up to 100 people  $250.00
    Choose :   Yellow Cake   Strawberry   Red Velvet   Chocolate   Carrot 


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